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PM Modi on silent mode

New Delhi,July 25 (): PM Modi’s silence on the saffron brigade’s gaffes and bungling by his ministries are puzzling.

Neither PM Modi nor his newly appointed party president is coming out with any statements nor pulling up those who caused the embarrassment. BJP has limitations when it comes to outbursts by RSS leaders but its own leaders and ministers in the saffron-ruled states are going scot-free and the instances of gaffes seem to be increasing. Except for a tweet from its spokesperson, PM Modi seems to have gone into a silent mode.

The latest is the Sania being a Pakistani daughter-in-law and a Goa minister’s dream to turn India into a Hindu nation under PM Modi’s rule. Soon after PM Modi and NDA came to power, started the tirade from RSS and BJP leaders who are anti-Muslim.

Goa ministers have suddenly become holier than thou when it comes to Hindu culture. The state that thrives on tourism has its minister saying no bikinis on beaches, pubs should be closed and no more beach parties where liquor is served.

Now, BJP ally MGP says a systematic support to PM Modi will see India turn into a Hindu nation. The systematic methodology was not outlined. BJP spokesperson said the party constitution had no such provision but neither does the Indian constitution.

Sushma Swaraj who is credited with getting stranded Indians in Iraq back was adamant against a debate on Gaza issue in Parliament but in UN India backed UNHRC probe into Israeli attack on Gaza. In the same breath, India denied visa to a UNHRC team coming to probe Sri Lanka war crimes.

BJP legislative leader in Telangana saw Sania Mirza being made brand ambassador by KCR as a route to woo the Muslims in the capital as civic elections is coming. Her marriage to Pakistani cricketer has made her daughter-in-law of that nation.

L K Advani was born in Karachi; he did his schooling and college after which he came to Mumbai for his law degree. By BJP yardstick, Advani is son of Pakistan.

As Sania furore continued, came CCTV visuals of BJP ally MP’s stuffing chappati into the mouth of a Muslim supervisor who is observing the Ramzan fast. Shiv Sena explanation is that they did not know that the man was a Muslim and that he was fasting. Quite logical but does it give an elected MP to do it to anybody irrespective of his religion?

Shiv Sena’s explanation seems to imply that if the man had been a Hindu, then the chappati would have been eaten.

No sooner Jitendra Singh was sworn in as MoS in PM Modi’s office, he said that Art 370 which gives special status to J &K should be thrown to the dogs. This came as fodder to Omar Abdullah and PDP. It was later modified as a need for debate.

In Sania’s case, Javedkar had to do a fire-fighting by saying Sania is India’s pride and Laxman who started it all said that her marriage was not an issue but the fact that she was not born in Hyderabad was the reason for the objection. Sania had to counter it with the reason saying that her mother at the time of pregnancy needed a specialty hospital and it was available only in Mumbai.

VHP leader Togadia sums up BJP victory as a victory without depending on Muslim votes. PM candiadate Modi was vociferous but PM Modi has gone on a silent mode.