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Shiv Sena MP force-feeding a caterer – circus show from the west!

11 Shiv Sena MPs from Maharashtra were reportedly angry over the quality of food offered at Maharashtra Sadan at New Delhi, run by IRCTC. They wanted to teach the caterer a lesson and hence decided to force-feed the caterer with the food made by them. This is the story and it is prime time news.

Let us get a bit deep into this.

The spokespeople of Sena and BJP are going about defending the indefensible, and I pity them for they have to defend these acts of buffoonery of the self-destructing kind. The worst part is that our MPs are at the bottom of the pyramid in Maslow’s hierarchy worrying about food and reacting like animals, if things are not to their liking.

The Shiv Sena MP force-feeding a caterer, is an incident of a power drunk MP making the poor employee of the Sadan eat the bad food served. I sincerely do not like the communal colour and the sensationalism associated with this story. Completely misleading headlines and angering people all around, speaks of filth in the mainstream media.

After the outrage on television, Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan set up an inquiry into last week’s fracas. I am surprised that even before the inquiry began, the contract of the catering company supplying the Sadan, Indian Railways Subsidiary IRCTC, has been cancelled. Is it a way to sabotage the incident?

If the people who are most likely to make a change with the power they have as MPs resort to such acts of violence, what options does a common man have?

Leave aside the fact that the employee is a Muslim or not a Muslim, the assault on him is a dishonourable act and the evidence is on record. Hence, the concerned MPs should be booked for assault. As a society, we should judge the act and not by the caste of the criminal or the victim.