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Kerry pushes for truce amid rising civilian death toll in Israel

Gaza, July 23 (): As the civilian death toll is mounting in Israel, John Kerry, the Secretary of State hurriedly returned to the Middle East on Monday in a new effort to stop the rising fight between Israel and the militant group Hamas.

A chain of Israeli air attacks early Tuesday had killed seven in Gaza, with five persons of the same family, Ashraf al-Qudra spokesman of emergency services said. Among the five family members killed, four of them were women. One more person died in Khan Yunis, the southern city. And yet another one was killed in a attack in adjoining area Nusseirat.

The death toll has hiked the total Palestinian toll to 583 and more than 3,600 have been wounded from the time when the military of Israel launched the Operation Protective Edge in an effort to cast out firing from Gaza on July 8.

Kerry is heading to Egyptian city Cairo, where he would join the diplomatic efforts to get both the sides to agree for November 2012 truce agreement.

An agreement presented by Egypt last week to stop the approximately two weeks of battling was rejected by Hamas last week, but the agreement was accepted by Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister.

However, in the fighting 20 Israelis and 430 Palestinians have been killed. Barack Obama had said on Monday that he had asked Kerry to “drive for a speedy termination of hostilities”.

The US President said that the talks should be focussed on a re occurrence to the truce deal that had stopped the fight between Hamas and Israel in 2012 November. He added they did not want to see any more civilian deaths in Israel or Gaza.

Israel asserts Hamas is accountable for the civilian deaths in Gaza, stating that the group has forced people to stay in their homes in spite of repeated cautioning from Israel ahead of air strikes.