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Malaysian experts arrive in Kiev to investigate Malaysian plane crash

Kiev, July 20 (): A group of Malaysian experts arrived in Kiev on Saturday to investigate the Malaysian Plane Crash of Boeing 777 on 17 July, the Malaysian Embassy told Interfax-Ukraine.

The investigation group has 132 specialists, including military experts and medical staff.

Meantime, US President Barack Obama had termed the Boeing 777’s downing as a “global tragedy,” and had stated on Friday,  at least one American was among the passengers travelling in the flight. Obama said that the plane looks to have been destroyed by pro-Russian separatists’ missile launch.

The intelligence community of US made use of infrared data, electronic signals and measurements, among other ways, to find out the cause of the path of the missile. Daily Mail newspaper reported that the BUK SA-11 launcher was used in the attack, which was confirmed by an US defense official.

The Malaysian Airlines has released the nationalities of people aboard at the time of the incident. It is as follows: Malaysia (29 passengers and 15 crew), Australia (27), Holland (192), United Kingdom (10), Indonesia (12), Belgium (4), Germany (4), Philippines, New Zealand and Canada (1 each).

Last night, the air company had released the airway bill and cargo manifest for the flight MH17. Pet birds and animals were also inside the plane when it was hit by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday night.

After the mysterious vanishing of Malaysian flight MH370 that departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board on March 8, Malaysia airlines has witnessed yet another tragedy. Both MH17 and MH370 tragedies have caused a loss of 537 lives in total.