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Super typhoon Rammasun slams southern China, one dead

Beijing, July 19 (): A super strong typhoon Rammasun knocked China and made heavy landfall in the city of Wenchang in the island province of Hainan in south China on Friday afternoon. One person was killed and the Chinese government had ordered all efforts to avoid loss of life by this powerful storm that has killed about 64 people already in the Philippines.

The National Meteorological Centre said Super Typhoon Rammasun was blowing heavily with winds up to 216 km per hour and bringing torrential rain. This typhoon is the strongest typhoon that has hit China in four decades.

The centre also had warned that the strong typhoon may lash sea waves at a height of more than 10 metres. It said the northern parts of the South China Sea might witness waves 13 meters high, and in the eastern Hainan and western Guangdong regions, the waves would be at a height of 5-7 metres. The western Hainan regions and Guangxi coastal areas may also see waves as high as four metres.

The centre has warned the travellers and local residents in these areas to keep away from the hazardous coastal region. China makes use of a four-tier color-coded weather warning system, with red signifying the most severe alert, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

Before the arrival of the typhoon, hundreds of flights were cancelled and hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated in the region. The Hainan government said it has asked the fishermen to return to port, and all flights and train services have been cancelled.

Xinhua reporters in Wengtian region saw heavy pouring rain flooding the farmland and covering the roads by broken trees as the typhoon brushed along. Vehicles, stuck on a main road of the town, are shaking  in the wind and people are finding it difficult to stand outside.

The typhoon is expected to bring heavy rainfall throughout this weekend before it moves to the south-west, fading on Monday.