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Ajit Doval on Mission Dawood and Jihad

New Delhi, July 19 (): Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor and master spy has asked the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and DGMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence) to list out terror groups and wanted Indian terrorists who are operating in Pakistan and Nepal as well track the West Asian links. This comes in the wake of Intelligence Bureau submitting a dossier on Al-Qaeda and Taliban planning to start a final jihad in India.

The master spy Ajit Doval had earlier entrusted this task to IB and NIA who were unable to come with an action plan. RAW and DGMI have operatives abroad and in sensitive areas like Kashmir. Syed Asif Ibrahim who heads IB operations has been asked to lie low.

The key target is Dawood Ibrahim who was behind many terror operations in India. His political support and hold in the security agencies are under the scanner. Next is the funding of terror groups through NGOs, whether backed by State players outside India or by non-State players. PMO has already tightened the funding of NGOs in the name of them being anti-development. The supply line once choked will make it difficult for any terror group to operate, leave alone launch a Jihad is the plan of Ajit Doval.

Pakistan is known to be giving shelter to anti-India terror groups and ISI, its notorious spy agency gives support to at least 50 top-rung wanted terrorists on the list of the security agencies here. In the last few years, the ISI has shifted these terrorists to third country bases and for bringing in terrorist hardware.

One among them is Nepal where ISI operates and proof is that Akhtar and Bhatkal were picked up at the Indo-Nepal border. Fake Indian currency is smuggled through Nepal to fund the terror groups. Indian Mujahedeen top commanders are hiding in Nepal.

After Mumbai blasts, Dawood who operated from Karachi started funding sand mining in Indian coastal states and through Dubai he put money into Bollywood corporates and IPL betting as well in some shell companies listed in stock markets. All this black money were funnelled into terror activities.

Behind the invitation of Nawaz Sharif was an agenda as Ajit Doval showed him the proof of Dawood in Karachi. The very night Dawood vanished. Indo-Nepal border has been tightened and so ISI started using the Sri Lanka route.

With ethnic violence rising among Muslims, Sri Lanka has stopped visa on arrival for Pakistan. Ajit Doval ‘s plan is not to go in for direct confrontation but to shake them up with a play on Dawood and flush them out by cutting supplies.

Ajit Doval has put in a plan to end Jihad call once and for all as a call for Ghawaza-e- Hind, the final war cry was given by Al Qaeda.