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Endangered monitor lizard retrieved from Amritsar poultry farm

Amritsar, July 17 (ANI): Wildlife authorities here have retrieved an endangered monitor lizard from a poultry farm on Amritsar Tarn Taran Road. The reptile is said to be about five-feet- long and is reported to be in a healthy state.

Ashok Joshi , an official of Animal Welfare Board of India, said the lizard feeds on insects, small terrestrial vertebrates, ground birds, eggs and fish. He also said that some of these species are known to eat fruits as well.

He said monitor lizards are non-poisonous reptiles and people should not be afraid of them.

Poultry farm owner Sumit Chawla said farm labour had spotted the lizard, and added that the reptile had killed four to five birds.

This lizard falls under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and killing or trapping it is a non-bailable offence. It lives in barrows and is hunted for meat. Special sickles are used to digging it from its barrows. It is said to have a very strong grip and is often used by thieves to scale walls. They simply tie ropes on its back and then make it climb the wall. The reptile’s grip is supposed to be so hard that it can even bear the weight of a human. They are called “Goh” in Punjabi. (ANI)

By Ravinder Singh Robin