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Dhoti, Shashi Tharoor and Jayalalithaa

Chennai, July 17 (): Dhoti is a raging topic for all political parties whose leaders are seen in this attire linked to Tamil Nadu culture. As AIADMK leaders who wear dhoti are not allowed to air their views in public, their saree clad leader ‘Amma’ has finally threatened the Cricket Association and other clubs to mend their ways or face action.

Everybody from former justices to Shashi Tharoor has commented on the dhoti issue. Clubs across the city have united saying that they will continue to enforce their dress code. A PIL has been filed in the court.

Shashi Tharoor has in his column said he was stopped from entering the Madras Gymkhana Club to attend his sister’s wedding as he was wearing a kurta without a collar. The club rules that only those wearing dress with collar are allowed inside.

On another occasion, Tharoor was stopped because the club rules did not permit anybody who did not tuck in the shirt; as he was wearing a kurta again, he had to tuck it inside his pants.

A retired judge says that there is no dress code set by the court but Bar Council has set black robes and pants as uniform and in rare occasions one can wear dhoti but not the gaudy veshti. Lawyers say the black robe differentiates them from court clerks. Judges have often chastised lawyers who come without black robes.

Cricket Association is happy that the member who invited the Judge to a function in their premises had apologized since he did not brief the guest about the rules. Maybe in the next general body it may consider a relaxation in rules.

Madras Boat Club has taken a defiant stance saying those who come to their premises should go by the dress code. Apart from clubs, there are pubs that insist on dress code for men. No bermudas or sandals but girls coming with them can come in any flimsy dress.

To get admission in a Golf Club, one needs to have learnt the sport and have a playing gear. After a certificate from the club coach, the member is seen only in the bar or lawns. Cricket, golf and race course clubs located on leased government land can be reined in by the State but private clubs and pubs have the right to refuse admission.

A club member said that dhoti was not allowed as members after a couple of drinks might have a wardrobe malfunction.