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Invitation to Taliban and Al-Qaeda for Jihad in Kashmir

Srinagar, July 15 (): Jihad (holy war) on the lines of ISIS in Iraq is the solution to Kashmir, says United Jihad Council Chairman Syed Salahuddin which claims to be a front organization of various terrorist groups operating in Pakistan.

He said that Taliban or Al-Qaeda should give help to ‘oppressed’ Kashmiris in India. The speech was made in the capital city of Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for India). Salahuddin’s speech comes at a time when BJP is trying hard to distance itself from an ex-journalist who in recent times shared space with Modi and others as an aide of Baba Ramdev having an hour-long talk with Hafeez Saeed, the man who masterminded the Mumbai attack.

Jihad council said that Kashmiris were killed by Indian Army, women were molested and houses were burnt. 6000 graves were found. As there is no forum available for Kashmiris to get justice, the only option is to have all terror groups come to the valley and start a jihad, says Salahuddin.

The jihad call was given on the occasion of Martyrs Day observed for the killing by Dogra king to put down a Muslim uprising. He had a word of advice to PM Nawaz Sharif. He said a shift towards Modi and the sari diplomacy was not helping the Kashmir cause and any decision of this issue should be taken after consulting with Jihad council. He said Hurriyat which was seeking separation from India should speak in one voice.

In many parts of the world, foreign troops left countries it occupied due to Jihad and now it is happening in Afghanistan. Trading in onions and potatoes and giving autonomy to Kashmir was not going to solve the problem, he added.

Geelani who advocates a separatist stance says that Al-Qaeda had no role to play in the internal struggle and government was unleashing terror in the name of terror outfit. Al-Qaeda video, posted on Jihad forums asked Muslims in India and Pakistan including both Kashmir region to join the global jihad movement seeking to form a new Islāmic kingdom.

J&K schools were shut down yesterday on a summer vacation that comes to a close by end-July. This was after processions and protests began on Israel bombing Gaza.