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BJP to appoint O Rajagopal as Kerala Governor ?

Kochi, July 10 (): BJP is all bound to convert Kerala Raj Bhavan into a party office. It has decided to transfer the present governor Sheila Dixit to Nagaland as she has not heeded to the unofficial nudge to quit.

Breaking away from practices of not giving Governorship to leaders from the State party, BJP has drawn up a plan to make O Rajagopal who contested unsuccessfully against Shashi Tharoor in the Lok Sabha election as Kerala Governor.

Rajagopal came second pushing CPI to third position in the poll and gave very nervous moments to Shashi Tharoor. This is the second time that Rajagopal lost a Lok Sabha election. BJP advisers say that Rajagopal in the Governor’s chair is needed as the ruling Congress and CPM are fixing elections and many issues.

The murder of RSS and BJP workers in many parts of Kerala at the hands of CPM is going unattended as Congress has a deal with CPM. In this context, a pro-active Governor who knows the politics of the State will help the party in such affairs.

Rajagopal is the only BJP leader who is able to command a vote bank in the capital city. BJP in Kerala which is divided between the North and South Kerala lobbies needs a person like Rajagopal who can use his office to create janata durbars and ask the home ministry to look into the murders of BJP workers. This will also help Rajagopal to consolidate the BJP in Kerala without having to enter the party leadership and disturb the ongoing lobby war.

BJP plans to build the workers’ base and make them oriented for electoral gains as it is more dependent on RSS which is not cut out for getting votes. Vakkom Purushittam, a former Congress minister in Kerala has been shunted out to Nagaland and will soon resign. Dikshit will be sent to Nagaland in his place.