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United Nations office shown the door

New Delhi, July 8 (): United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) has been asked to vacate the government bungalow where its office is located as Modi‘s external affairs ministry feel that it has outlived its use and violations of LoC by Pakistan continues with impunity.

The office bill is picked up by the finance wing of External Affairs who has told South block that it was no t going to pay anymore for meaningless friendly gestures. The United Nation’s office is a 7000 square feet bungalow in Purana Qila Road. Having got the notice, UNMOGIP is looking for a rented place.

The Shimla agreement with Pakistan led to drawing up the Line of Control between two nations and the ceasefire line drawn in Karachi agreement (1949) has no relevance. In view of this, the United Nations Security Council resolution which established UNMOGIP to supervise the Karachi agreement ceasefire line has no relevance. UNMOGIP has been told to either operate from Srinagar or hire a private place in Delhi.

United Nations Military Information Officer confirmed that they have been asked to vacate but no reason has been given. 40 years back, as per a gentleman’s agreement between United Nations and India, the bungalow was given rent-free. It was only a stop-gap agreement and United Nations was to find a place for UNMOGIP.

As nobody from the Indian side asked United Nation’s officials about the gentleman’s pact, it continued to stay. After the Modi ministry came in, the budgetary exercises by various ministries were taken. It was then discovered that a bungalow in prime area of Delhi that it owns is occupied by a group from United Nations and has not been paying rent and it never figured in any Indo-Pak talks on border disputes.

UNMOGIP has Pakistan support and it claims that the United Nation officials have free access from their side to the LoC and India is not allowing it on their side. Pakistan even wanted UNMOGIP at the first meeting of DGMO of two countries after the Kargil war.