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Powerful typhoon Neoguri smashes Japan’s southern islands

Tokyo, July 8 (): A potent typhoon is thrashing over the southern Japanese island chain of Okinawa and the residents of the region are taking refuge from the towering waves, storm surges and destructive winds.

Typhoon Neoguri is predicted to reach the southern region of Okinawa early hours of Tuesday and has threatened to carry high winds and torrential rain to the islands. The powerful typhoon has forced the authorities of Japan to cancel flights and hundreds of thousands of people have been compelled to vacate their homes on Tuesday.

Forecasters say the winds bracing at the speed of 250km/h (150mph) could make 14-metre high waves. It is said Typhoon Neoguri could be one of the strongest storms in decades to hit Japan.

At a news conference, Satoshi Ebihara, official of the Meteorological Agency told reporters that there is high risk of exceptionally very strong gushing winds and heavy outpour of rains. She asked people to keep away from non-important outdoor events.

The agency delivered special notices for intense winds, rain and storms. The weather forecasters said the storm was slowly moving and weakening in intensity, but the slow movement and its wide coverage could bring out potential damage.

Forecasts say the storm could pursue toward the island of Kyushu and then across the main island of Japan’s Honshu. Ebihara warned the storm is predicted to lose some of its power over the land, but heavy rains and winds could cause damage and landslides.

The typhoon has attacked the Japanese island when Japan is enjoying the tail end of its summer rainy season. The warnings for the landslide are already in effect in few areas due to the seasonal downpours.

Astronaut Reid Wiseman in the International Space Center posted a intense photo of the storm viewed from above on Twitter. The picture showed vast bands of cloud spiralling out from its centre. He wrote, “#Typhoon Neoguri nearing Japan. Takes up our entire view. Wow”.