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Arima Nambi ~ Exclusive Review

 Arima Nambi ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, July 7 (): Arima Nambi, the suspense thriller released on 4th July. The movie stars Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand in the leads. Drums Shivamani makes his debut as music director and movie is directed by Anand Shankar.

The first date

Arjun, played by Vikram tries to impress Ananya (Priya Anand) in their first meet in a local pub. Things magically work out, they exchange their numbers and agree to go on their first date the very second day. Few rounds of vodka go in, hours pass by like minutes, they decide to continue their drinks in Priya’s home.

It begins right here, few henchmen march in and kidnap her. Our protagonist hides in restroom, seeks the help of police but they just lead to looseends. He’s on his own and decides to track all by himself. Only then he realizes that she’s been held hostage to get a memory card from her father who’s the CEO of Channel 24 news channel.

The plot reveals itself with bad things done by politician recorded in the memory chip and the plot undergoes twists and turns which keeps us expecting what happens next.


 Arima Nambi ~ Exclusive ReviewVikram Prabhu and Priya Anand have done justice to their roles. MS. Baskar plays an unexpected role, surprisingly he’s done it well despite the fact it doesn’t suit him. The movie runs on a fast pace which keeps the momentum of  the movie interesting.


Music doesn’t sync to the situation, even when it does, the choreography screws it up. The director might have underestimated the audience – every move is being explained out loud in the movie while the audience can figure that out themselves.

Worst Rated: 5.5/ 10
Best Rated: 6/ 10 

Arima Nambi Fast and fervent