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Airports security in hands of ignorant men

New Delhi, July 5 (): Airports security is in the hands of armed personnel who have not even able to answer six basic questions . India’s most heavily guarded Indira Gandhi International Airport in the nation’s capital is manned by CISF jawans and their officers who have flunked a basic test of aviation security.

The questions were not complex enough to make the men in uniform dizzy. As this is the case with IGIA, the other airports situation can only be imagined.

It looks like that the gun toting uniformed guards who takes a look at the ID proof and at close look at the passenger has no idea of what airport security is all about. AVSEC is a security test conducted by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security for people on the ground operations. Out of 34 CISF men guarding Delhi airport only five passed and an inspector and others flunked.

The security personnel deployed for security by many private airlines are no better than the CISF. As per BCAS all security staff has to clear AVSEC tests to be posted in airports.

Sources say that not only jawans but even senior officers in the rank of Assistant commandant have failed. There are even DIG‘s who have failed. Airports can be guarded by only those who have passed AVSEC tests but the CISF running short of people who have passed the test have put even those flunked on duty including DIG rank officer commanding the airport security.

To counter this anomaly, CISF conducted coaching classes and results were a disaster. Last month 34 CISF men appeared and 29 failed. It was an improvement from April where only a constable passed out of the six including an inspector.

Here are the sample questions:

  • List major threats to civil aviation?
  • What is the full form of BCAS ?
  • Mock exercises are done for what reason?
  • Access control to the airport is the responsibility of which agency?
  • Which area is designated for landing and takeoff of an aircraft?
  • What is the natural color of RDX?

As CISF is posting even those who failed, senior officers refuse to attend coaching classes. Private security guards employed by Indigo and SpiceJet have 50 % of failed candidates.