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FIFA World Cup: India exports 50 lakh condoms to Brazil

Thiruvananthapuram, July 3 (): Indians have nothing to do with each other than cheer the teams for FIFA World Cup. Now it turns out a public sector company has exported 50 lakh condoms to Brazil in view of the crowds coming to watch the football matches. HLL, the mini ratna public sector firm in the Kerala capital is the company that gained from the World Cup.

HLL Life Care accounts for 10% of the condom manufacturing in the world and produces annually 1316 billion every year. It was the first to bring out a condom named Nirodh. It was widely used by the governments to popularize family planning.

As the market grew and private players entered with varieties like coloured ones, flavoured and ribbed ones, the fate of HLL’s Nirodh looked sealed. However, unlike other public sector firms that wilted under private competition, HLL tied up with a Japanese firm and came up with Moods and termed it the pink revolution.

It has seven plants manufacturing it. Apart from condoms for men and women, HLL manufactures pharma products and also ayurvedic products for Arya Vaidya Salai. It also has a 25 bed maternity hospital, Life Spring located near Hyderabad which offers low-cost care.

HLL has four plants in Kerala since most of the products are rubber based and the state is a leading provider. It has plants in Manesar (Gurgoan), Indore and Belgaum.

HLL in collaboration with Okamato Industries, Japan manufactures Moods; the men’s condom and the female condom are produced in joint venture with Female Health Company. From 2006, the company has been exporting condoms to Brazil.

Last year it exported 337 million condoms. Brazil buys 10 billion condoms a year. This year the country keeping in view of the World Cup increased the order by another 50 lakhs. Brazil is famous for the Rio carnival and the beaches attract tourists from all over the world.

Reports and visuals had shown that the country is flooded with sex workers to cash in on the millions that have come to watch the FIFA World Cup. There are 12 stadiums across Brazil that host the World Cup. Rio de Janerio is the host city for the World Cup. Brazil government has a very strong campaign to counter HIV and even gives free condoms to the poor who get their food ration free.

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