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Modi-Jaya meet signals change in TN alliance

Chennai, June 30 (): Modi-Jayalalithaa meet in the airport has led to speculation in political circles.

NDA ally Vijayakanth stayed away from the meet and PMK founder Dr Anbumani Ramodoss deputed his son Anbumani MP instead. Only MDMK’s Vaiko turned up from the alliance. Many reasons are being bandied around.

DMDK sources say that Vijayakanth received no invite or information from BJP about Modi’s arrival in Chennai. This is seen as a tactical move by the saffron party to not offend Jayalalithaa who cannot tolerate the presence of Vijayakanth being given a warm welcome by Modi.

BJP State headquarters got wind of Jayalalithaa’s office communicating to those overlooking the security that Madam was to come to receive Modi. This was a departure from her earlier attitude when she sent a cabinet minister to meet the then PM Manmohan Singh and President Pranab Mukherjee when they came to Chennai. Not wanting to spoil the pitch, Tamil BJP leaders decided to use the occasion to signal that Vijayakanth was no more important to them. This was to ensure that AIADMK’s Rajya Sabha MPs supported NDA bills as BJP does not have the number.

Vijayakanth knowing the game of BJP decided to hold a brainstorming session of party functionaries in Nammakal to discuss the reasons for drawing a blank in Lok Sabha.

DMDK sources confirmed that BJP had not communicated anything to Vijayakanth. Modi had praised Vijayakanth and his wife at the swearing-in ceremony.

Vaiko who shares a brother–sister relationship with Jayalalithaa is not a person non-grata to Amma.

Dr Ramadoss’ presence would have stirred a hornet’s nest but he sent his son instead. Anbumani’s victory has led to Jayalalithaa to sack all functionaries in the constituency.

The Modi- Jayalalithaa meet say sources that a poll alliance between AIADMK and BJP in the assembly elections could be on the cards. Both the parties were once allies. With BJP’s majority in Lok Sabha, it is wise to bring AIADMK on board. The saffron party which opened an innings in Karnataka looks to ride piggyback on AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.