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CPI-NCP-BSP have no national status: Election Commission

New Delhi, June 30 (): Election Commission deadline for NCP, BSP and CPI asking as to why they should be declassified from the national party ended on June 27 with no reply.

As per Election Commission norms, India will be left with three national parties and Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party, BSP led by Mayawati and CPI (Communist Party of India) will be stripped of their national party status.

The ECI (Election Commission of India) ) had about a fortnight ago served show-cause notices to the three national parties seeking explanation on why their national party status should not be revoked following their rout in the Lok Sabha elections.

According to the norms set by the Election Commission, a ‘national party’ needs to fulfill any of the three conditions. To be a national party, it has to get a minimum 6% vote share each from four states, or get 2% of total seats numbering 11 in the Lok Sabha from at least three states, or it should be be recognized as a state party in four states.

CPI, NCP and BSP do no longer fulfil any of the above three conditions. The three parties were given time till June 27 to contest Election Commission’s move and seek a hearing. If they are derecognized, then Congress, BJP and CPI(M) will be the only national political parties. The fallout of losing the national tag is that under the 1968 Symbols Order, a party without the national status cannot claim to have a common symbol to fight elections across the country.

It means the analogue clock, symbol of NCP can be used only in states where it recognized as a state party. Same goes for CPI’s ears of corn and sickle and BSP’s elephant. BSP was given the liberty to use the symbol in all states except Assam and Sikkim where two state parties were allotted this symbol.

Mayawati as CM went on a spree of building elephant statues across the state and at the expense of public money. As per Election Commission, a non-political party will not have access to state broadcasters AIR and DD during elections and will have to pay for electoral rolls.

CPM had nine MPs elected on its symbol and two independents who won on their backing. The two independents have given letters to Election Commission pledging their support to CPM.

In the Vajpayee ministry, CPM would have lost the national status if NDA did not tweak the EC rules. It changed the rule that a national status can be retained if it is a state party in four states to three states.

CPM which retained the sprawling bungalow at 4, Ashoka Road right from first Lok Sabha has to move out as it has no senior MP who can qualify to be allotted the big space as per Lok Sabha secretariat rules. CPM ‘s farmers union and student wing SFI were housed in this building.