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UP Governor to hold janata darbar

Lucknow, June 28 (): Governor Aziz Qureshi is setting an example for outgoing counterparts and adding a new headache to UP CM Akilesh Yadav. Qureshi is Uttarakhand Governor and a few days back was given extra charge of Uttar Pradesh.

After swearing-in he said that it was PM Modi and Home minister Rajnath’s confidence in him that he was given extra charge. He praised the large-heartedness of the PM and HM. Then he proceeded to meet the head of a Muslim sect.

Given additional charge of the state along with Uttarakhand by two top BJP leaders, Qureshi, a former Congress leader, has decided that he will not just be a figurehead. He will have janata darbar at Raj Bhavan.

As public of UP is having problems, he hopes to take it to the powers to be through it and get them redressed. Predecessor Joshi was not proactive and now Qureshi’s move has baffled political parties. UP had governors like TV Rajeshwar, Vora, Bhandari and Surajbahn who exceeded their brief. What is baffling many is ruling SP which has ignored the acting Governor’s decision to hold darbars. BJP is getting upset in the same State.

Laxmikant Bajpayi, the state BJP president raised the issue in Assembly saying that the state is not under President’s rule for the Governor to hold meetings with people. The matter has been referred to Rajnath Singh.

The governor says he was not doing anything unconstitutional. He wants to start holding such darbars in districts too. Legally nothing prevents a Governor from meeting public. Qureshi claims that Atal Bihari Vajpayee is his role model in Raj Dharma.

At Nadwa seminary he has met many senior leaders cutting across party lines, clerics and academics. The Governor is now raising issues of rapes and crime; many suspect that Amit Shah who piloted BJP victory in UP has a hidden agenda in giving Qureshi the extra charge.