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Ukraine signs EU trade pact

Kiev, June 28 (): Shrugging off the threats from Russia and a growing civil war, Ukraine had signed a trade deal on Friday binding it to the European Union, a huge step that has come in defiance of months from the efforts of Kremlin to avert the nation from turning to the west. The agreement with Ukraine has made at a crucial time in the nation’s crisis.

The President of Ukraine Petro O. Poroshenko signed the long-delayed trade deal with Europe but Moscow had opposed bitterly. After signing the deal, he declared he would like his nation to become full member of European Union one day.

Poroshenko described the agreement signing as his nation’s most important day in history since independence in 1991, and termed it “symbol of unbreakable will and faith”.

European leaders also signed trade contracts with Moldova and Georgia, whose dealings with Russia are also tough. In essence, the pacts with the three countries will expand trade with the EU in return for changes in sectors such as justice policy and economic.

As Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia signed partnership pacts with European Union on Friday, Russia stated the move would have “serious consequences”.

Just minutes after the signing ritual, Interfax news agency quoted the deputy foreign minister of Russia as cautioning that “serious consequences” would follow. Such a remark was a threatening sign of the displeasure caused in Russia by the slant toward Europe of lands that Russia, first under czarist and then Soviet leaders, for centuries considered its own.

The President of European Council (EC) Herman van Rompuy called it as a “great day for Europe”.

Viktor Yanukovych, former President of Ukraine had denied to sign the agreement under stress from Russia more than half a year back. His rejection resulted in the overthrow of Yanukovich, Russia’s takeover of Sevastopol and Crimea, and a forceful separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine.