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Polish Prime Minister wins confidence vote

Warsaw, June 26 (): Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk won a vote of confidence in parliament on Wednesday.

In the voting, 237 politicians gave their support to the government of Tusk. The needed majority was 231 votes. The ruling Tusk’s Civic Platform and its junior partner Peasants Party of Poland hold majority with 235 seats in parliament.

Earlier, Tusk called for the vote on 25th June amidst one of the worst political crisis of Poland in years concerning with secret recordings of high-ranking officials. His government has been disturbed much by the leaked tapes of private discussions of top state officials.

On Wednesday, Donald Tusk said in parliament that without repeated support he would not be capable to efficiently represent the country in the European Union.

Before the late-night vote, a long-time of stormy parliamentary manoeuvring and debate, during which Tusk surprised the leaders of the opposition party by asking for a speedy vote of confidence in his government. Before doing the move, Tusk had fixed down the backing of the People’s Party of Poland, the partner with the Civic Platform of Tusk in the governing alliance, making the consequence all but unavoidable.

Last week, “Wprost” a news magazine published a matter of what twisted out to be a sequence of distressing recordings of the officials, including central bank head and foreign minister of Poland. The conversations were recorded unlawfully in the back rooms of restaurants famous for the political elite of the nation.

Tusk suggested foreign benefits might be tangled in spying on high officials and ministers. He did not mention any country, but said that businessmen trading gas and coal from Russia were being probed. Eavesdropping is going on for two years in Poland in prison. Two restaurant workers have been accused in the incident and two entrepreneurs were held for questioning.