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Bhopal, June 26 (): Medical colleges across Madhya Pradesh had been admitting students who have manipulated PMT (Pre-Medical Test). This has been going on for the past ten years, ever since Shivraj Singh Chouhan became CM. On report that impostors were writing the PMT in medical colleges, an investigation blew open a scandal that has sent shock waves.

The fact that around 1087 students were found to be admitted in medical colleges through fraudulent means shows the gravity of the scam. MPPEB, the examination board for professional exams is in charge of all entrance and recruitment tests.

Parents of the students paid bribes to MPPEB officials who asked candidates to leave the answer fields blank in optical mark reader sheets who later filled in the correct answers on the sheets.

The other tactic was to seat candidates who have ability to crack the PMT next to those who paid the money so that copying can go on. MPPEB computers gave away a lot of vital information. Retired officials stored list of students who got admissions in medical colleges through this route and they deleted but it was traced out by forensic team.

A MPPEB security breach and inputs from a whistle-blower pointed out to two investigations that showed 760 students who passed exam through fraudulent means in last two years. 100 students were arrested in July 2013.

Starting from ex-education minister to cops, BJP leaders were booked. Now, CM Chouhan and his wife are said to be involved in the scam and also in giving contract jobs to teachers through MPPEB. Chouhan under fire for the medical college admission scam and the teacher recruitment scam has for the time being got a reprieve from BJP leadership but more and more disclosures are showing that the admission to medical colleges and contract jobs were all to party-recommended candidates and to kith and kin of ministers including that of the CM.