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Kerry promises ‘intense and sustained’ support for Iraq

Baghdad, June 24 (): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iraqi leaders met on Monday as the radical Sunni rebels continue their protest towards Baghdad during the nervous period of the country since the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011.

The most senior US envoy, John Kerry, said as he insisted the feuding leaders of the country to form a government and threaten the jihadist heave currently rupturing the country. He promised Iraq would get “sustained and intense” support from US and said the emergency was “a decision moment for the leaders of Iraq … a great urgency moment.” Kerry said all the three officials of Iraq he met, PM Nour al-Maliki, prominent Shia leader, Ammar Hakim and parliamentary speaker Osama Nujaifi, had committed to appoint leaders by July 1.

Al-Maliki has accepted to July 1 target to start the procedure to form new government, an obligation for US support in fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, Kerry said. He added their support would be intense and sustained with complete effectiveness if the leaders of Iraq unite to surface the militant warning.

With Shiite-led government of Al-Maliki losing more places to ISIS, Kerry has asked the leaders to escalate above “sectarian drives” to become more comprehensive and to make the Iraqi government more representative to its population.

John Kerry has urged the leaders of Iraq to be united against Islamist insurgence that has extended to the Baghdad outskirts after sending the army of Iraq in the north. He said Iraq’s future depends on the decisions made in next few weeks.

After Kerry and Iraqi PM’s meeting, the office of Al-Malaki issued a statement stating that the PM told Kerry about the present situation that it “stances a threat” not only to Iraq but also to the region. The statement said that Al-Malaki “called on the countries of the world, especially countries in the region, to take it seriously”.