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Delhi and Chennai roads are death traps

New Delhi, June 24 (): Road accidents that are fatal is the highest in Delhi among other cities in India.

CSE (centre for science and environment) in its report says Delhi has the most number of road accidents and there are five deaths every day. The national capital has the most number of hotspots which are just death traps for motorists.

Chennai comes second but the fatality rate is 25% lesser than Delhi.

Road transport and highways ministry reports say that Mumbai tops in the number of injuries and deaths that happened in cities compared to Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, but the Centre for Science and Environment has found that the national Capital tops in road accidents.

The CSE yesterday released its latest assessment of accidents on roads and accident hotspots in Delhi.The CSE said the assessment indicated that despite a nominal reduction in the number of accidents over the past two decades, the rate of fatal accidents on roads has increased dramatically as Indian cities are going in for high- speed roads for vehicles— not caring about safe access.

Highways and road transport Union ministry report said that Mumbai tops in all types of accidents in India this year.

CSE warns that unsafe roads are a warning that soon cycling, walking and going by public transport will be risky for the public. It says that the increase in the number of deaths due to road accidents show that emergency measures are needed as it affects the poor and rich.

CSE says that the report assumes importance when Delhi and other metros are increasing their share of public transport and encouraging walking and cycling with the aim of cutting down pollution and reducing fuel consumption and thereby not have any climate impacts.