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Vijay’s letter to PM reveals political ambition – Sarath Kumar

Chennai, June 21 (): Vijay’s statement to PM Modi that the new NDA government should cut service tax on films has not been liked by film industry trade body leaders like Sarath Kumar, and film producers’ union leader Kayaar. They feel that Vijay going it alone instead of joining in the collective appeal does not augur well for the industry. Sarath Kumar went on record saying that Vijay was only showing his ambition to enter politics. Reaction of Vijay’s fans to this is awaited.

Sarath Kumar said that all trade bodies had during the UPA time met the Finance minister and President Pranab Mukherjee on this issue. Sarath Kumar who is President of Actors body said that Vijay by going it alone has signalled his intention to enter politics. This view is not without any basis.

Vijay had sided with AIADMK in the Assembly polls. Sarath Kumar’s party was one of the allies of AIADMK. After the sweep of the poll and Jayalalithaa not having to depend on any allies to form the ministry, things turned sour. Many of the allies have since left the alliance.

Vijay and Jayalalithaa had a spat over a tagline in his film ‘Thalaivaa’ and a dialogue that allegedly belittled ‘Amma’. After much fracas, the film was released with Vijay’s open praise of Amma.

In the Lok Sabha polls, actor Vijayakanth,a one-time ally of AIADMK crossed over to lead the NDA rainbow alliance in the State.

Rajnikanth who had personal links had a surprise visitor in Modi during his visit to the city. Voted as next Superstar, Vijay met Modi in Coimbatore and it was a courtesy call as the then BJP PM candidate was keen to meet the heir apparent of Rajnikanth.

Now that this fan has become the PM, it is only natural that he sends out a letter in his own letter head as Joseph Vijay (see attachment) and has it was circulated in the media. This could be the actor personal note to the PM.

Kayaar who is a veteran producer and is in the forefront of many trade issues says the actor has flawed as the service tax for theatres has been removed but that sector too is included. He too feels that the actor is nursing political ambitions. Kayaar takes a dig at the actor by saying that the need of the hour is to bring down the fees of the actors who are overcharging. Some say that trade leaders are over reacting because they feel threatened that Vijay might emerge as a new power centre.