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BJP to use Yeddyurappa formula for Delhi

New Delhi, June 19 (): BJP is giving shape to an Operation Delhi to stake claim to form the next government. The BJP has two problems. It needs 8 MLAs to get the majority and has no CM candidate in sight. Its CM candidate Harsh Vardhan in the last polls is now Union Minister.

Yet another person who vied for the post was State President Vijay Goel,who is now Rajya Sabha MP. Yet another Delhi person is Meenakshi Lekhi who is now LS MP. If a government is not formed within six months of it being kept under suspension, the Capital will go under President’s rule.

On February 14, State assembly was under LG rule after AAP government supported by Congress resigned over the logjam to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in the assembly.

In the LS poll, AAP failed to win even a single seat from Delhi, and now BJP wants to form the government before the budget session in July.

A senior BJP leader said that Congress and AAP MLAs do not want to face an election. AAP is caught in a power struggle and BJP plans to use the Karnataka model put through by BS Yeddyurappa.

Instead of weaning away AAP and Congress MLAs, it would ask those MLAs in constituencies where BJP won the Lok Sabha by huge margins to resign and join BJP and seek re-election. This would reduce the strength of the house.

BJP has 32 MLAs out of the 70 seats. BJP plans to get 10 MLAs from AAP and Congress put together to resign. It is also waiting to see if AAP will expel the dissident MLAs in which case they are free to vote for BJP without losing their seats.

Modi is having a meeting to pick out a CM candidate. Party workers are not keen on Kiran Bedi who is a not a BJP member being foisted on them.