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Popular Keyboard App Swiftkey goes free for Android

The Smartphones and tablets have now become an inevitable part of socializing your profile that can be relevant to any sector of professionalism and business. The days for short messages have ended where the users have all the options of promoting or sharing their long emails, posts and writings in social networking sites through their handy gadgets that can be an easy alternative of using a PC. There are many attractive easy typing applications available for Android users, among which Swiftkey with its advanced features has been the most followed application worldwide. Even highly advanced technology of Apple iPhones have willingly considered to use some third-party support to give their users a more reliable keyboard application that can enhance their user’s typing skills. Android, in this context has been more predictive to meet the requirement of their users, where they have already made such applications available for their users. 

 Popular Keyboard App Swiftkey goes free for Android

Gone are days when you had to pay for Swiftkey application for your Android phone just to enhance your writing skills. This one of the most popular Android predictive keyboard is now served completely free for all the Android users. Well, the good profitable catch for the company is that it’s a freemium route version where you still have to pay for some add-ons and extras. Still you can save a lot on its free version of themes that was otherwise sold for the cost of $3.99. The good news for the ones who have already had owned the paid version is that they can enjoy the Thank-you greetings of the company that allows them to use the add-ons and extras as a free package that can cost others anywhere near $5. People at TechAmiable have predicted that we may see at least 30% rise in terms of downloading it from Google Play store.

What is Swiftkey?

It may not be a so new name for the Android lovers, but Swiftkey is a predictive keyboard that allows the users to type predictively on their Smartphones and tablet. The applications read the language used and offers suggestions of predictive words while typing that makes it easier for the users to type more accurately on their phones and tablets. The application has been on limelight since 2010 and has earned numerous followers from the Android community.

The latest updated features of Swiftkey

There are some latest editions in the new version of this application where the users can have access to new Swiftkey store where they opt for more advanced 30 new themes. These themes allow the users to customize the color and design of their keyboard. The free version allows you to access 14 themes and if you want some more, then you can easily avail them by purchasing individual themes at an affordable price of 99 cents. The Android users can also enjoy the new update like predictions for emoji (only for the ones, who own Android version of 4.1 and newer), option of number row at the top, which can be toggled on or off by the users, new support for Belarusian, Mongolian, Uzbek, and Welsh, and advanced gesture trails for swipe-based flow features.