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Governors not to quit on NDA nudge

New Delhi, June 18 (): Governors appointed by UPA are not likely to give way to NDA’s diktat.

UP Governor B.L. Joshi, a retired bureaucrat has resigned, a practice that politicians rarely do when power changes hands. Political appointees usually cling on to the post and their houses,as long as possible.

A political appointee of the UPA era, Joshi was the only one out of the six Governors to respond to an informal call from home ministry official from the NDA government and vacate office. Karnataka Governor who has only one month to end his term will also step down.

The rest said they had no knowledge that they were unwanted or, through Congress voices, sought the cover of a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that Governors cannot be removed because of their political leanings.

There are at least two ironies that dent the legal argument created by some Congress-appointed governors: the Congress has been the in forefront of running the political agenda through Raj Bhavans, and two, the Supreme Court ruling was actually a verdict against the UPA’s termination of Governors in 2004 which the court found it offensive.

UPA after assuming office a decade ago, dismissed four NDA-appointed Governors since their ideology and politics did not match with Congress.

The Supreme Court hit back saying a Governor cannot be dismissed on the ground that he is not following ruling party’s policies and ideologies. Nor can he be removed on the ground that the Union government has lost confidence in him.

Modi ministry maintains that they have not officially asked any Governor to resign. Many Governors called on the President.

Congress maintains that it is a matter between the Governors and the President. If the Governors refuse to stay on, then the government can shift them from the present State to another. BJP wants to place its own men in Raj Bhavan where assembly polls are coming ahead.

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi resigned from Nehru Memorial Museum and Library after the UPA’s defeat. Suman Dubey resigned from NMML and Prasar Bharati.

The first non-Congress government of Morarji Desai’s Janata Party government dismissed nine Congress-ruled state governments and when Indira Gandhi returned to power in 1980, she did the same to the State ruled by Janata Party. The use of Article 356 used to dismiss state governments has now not been used by any party as it rebounds on them.