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Family members of Indians trapped in Iraq pray for their rescue

Kochi, June 17 (ANI): Family members of Indians trapped in Mosul and Tikrit towns of Iraq have been praying for the rescue of their children.

Family members of Silvy Varghese are among the worried parents who have been praying for the safe return of their only daughter, who is reportedly stranded in one of Iraq’s war zones.

Silvy’s father Varghese and mother Rosy in Kerala said today that they will never ever allow their daughter to ever go back to that country, even if the situation calms down.

Silvy, a 26-year-old working as a nurse in a Iraq hospital, left India a year-and-a-half back. Her parents received a phone call last night from her in which she said conditions are getting worse and people are not being allowed to step outside the hospital. She also said that most of the girls want to return home.

There are many people from Kerala who are working as nurses in hospitals in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Nurses Association has appealed to the state and central governments to arrange for the emergency evacuation of nurses based in Tikrit and Mosul.

Both cities have been captured by a Sunni Jihadist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) amid strikes on Sunday.

Keeping in view the growing crisis in Iraq, the Indian Government had advised its citizens on Monday to refrain from travelling to that country until further notification is received on the same.

A 24-hour helpline has also been set up which can be accessed for information or assistance from the Indian Embassy in Baghdad. (ANI)