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Pope Francis refuses to use bulletproof ‘Popemobile’

Washington, June 16 (ANI): Pope Francis has revealed that he prefers not use the bulletproof “popemobile” because he feels that at his age he doesn’t have much to lose.

The 77-year-old Pope said that he feels that the popemobile is like a “glass sardine can” that walls him off from people, CNN reported.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, he said that despite the dangers of an assassination attempt it’s true that anything could happen, but it’s in the hands of God.

Since an assassination attempt on then-Pope John Paul II in 1981, the head of the Roman Catholic Church has customarily used the custom-made glass-sided Popemobile when in public, however Pope Francis takes his own approach to transport since assuming the papacy last year.

On a trip to Brazil, he climbed into a silver hatchback Fiat for the drive from the airport to downtown Rio de Janeiro, which was pinned between a bus and a crush of well-wishers who were reaching into the car to touch the Pope. (ANI)