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NGOs got Rs 12,000 crore from abroad

Chennai, June 16 (): NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) in India have received Rs 12,500 crore from contributors abroad in 2013, according to a home ministry report.

In 2011-12, NGOs received Rs 11,500 crore, which was nearly 12 per cent increase since the previous year. In the two years before that, foreign donations had come down to around 4 per cent.

The report said that only two per cent of the country’s registered 20 lakh NGOs report their donations received from abroad, and that most of the money is used for for purposes specified by the NGOs.

NGOs in the Intelligence Bureau report to the PMO have stated that they are behind stalling development projects. The home ministry report made public but released last December, states that NGOs are open to money-laundering by terrorist outfits.

The report says majority of funds are classified by NGOs under miscellaneous heads and not for major purposes for which the foreign contributions were received,

New Delhi and Tamil Nadu received most of donations from abroad. In 2012 Chennai’s World Vision (Rs 233 crores), Kerala’s Believers Church India (Rs 190 crores) and AP’s Rural Development Trust (Rs 144 crores) were the toppers.

United States tops the list of countries with around Rs 9000 crores given as donations that came during the two years 2013 and 2012.

UK and Euro countries Germany, Italy and Netherlands are big donors. Nearly half of registered NGOs received more than Rs 10 crores and those below Rs 10 crores to Rs 5 crores were 178 and those getting less than Rs 5 crore were 1700 NGOs.

Rest got below Rs 1 crore. Activists say that the IB report is motivated and releasing it now is to help Modi ministry. Modi had criticized these organizations and after coming to power in Delhi, he sanctioned increasing the height of Narmada dam ignoring protests. Hindu activists have held the view that funds to NGOs were also used for conversion to Christianity.