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Shakeel Ahmed, Lovely ask NDA Govt. to act promptly to resolve power and water crises

New Delhi, June 15 (ANI): Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely and party general secretary Shakeel Ahmed on Sunday asked the BJP-led NDA Government to contain the ongoing power and water crises in the city.

“The government woke up after we protested. The central government hasn’t been working until now.

It has been ten days and electricity supply isn’t normalized. If we don’t talk, there are not going to take any action,” Lovely said.

He further asked: “Was there any problem with power and water when Congress was in power?”

Shakeel Ahmed said: “People must understand how they were cheated and gave votes. They have started to realize the facts.”

Congress workers were seen protesting in the Karol Bagh area of Delhi, burning banners and shouting anti-government slogans.

The protestors were seen burning effigies of prime minister Narendra Modi and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal.

Former Union Minister Ajay Makan was also present at the protest along with other leaders like Mukesh Sharma, Barkha Singh and Kiran Walia.

Congress workers blamed the BJP for misguiding the people of Delhi during the elections, and people were reminded that such a crisis had not prevailed during the 15 years of Congress Party rule.

The city has been reeling under long outages for the last 15 days after the electricity transmission networks were severely damaged by the devastating storm on May 30. (ANI)