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Meet woman who wears corset 23 hrs every day to attain Jessica Rabbit figure

London, June 15 (ANI): An Australian woman named Penny Brown is apparently so obsessed with getting curves like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, that she wears corset for 23 hours a day to achieve the goal.

25-year-old Brown, who had already magnified her breasts from an H to an O cup, making them twice the size of her waist, has been following the practice from the past two years, the Daily Star reported.

Brown, who shrunk her waist from 38 inches to a tiny 23 inches by compressing into the garment, said that though it was hard at first, her body has now come to terms with it.

Her husband added that he finds her “shape” really exciting and interesting, saying that she was the closest a person could ever get to the voluptuous animated character.

Brown also confessed that she’s had low self-esteem issues through her life and felt confident after being able to replicate Rabbit’s “sensual, strong and extreme” figure. (ANI)