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How to train your dragons 2 ~ Exclusive review

 How to train your dragons 2 ~ Exclusive review

Chennai, June 14 (): How to train your dragons 2 is second in series to the trilogy. The prequel of the same name was released in 2010 based on book penned by Cressida Cowell. The voices are reprised by Jay Baruchel, Kit Harington, Gerald Butler and Kristen Wiig. The movie is directed by Dean DeBlois.

Dragon slayers to dragon riders

Trailing from where it ended in the prequel, the village of Berk adapts to the new change of becoming dragon riders from dragon slaying Vikings. While the village is busy grooming and breeding alongside, dragons Hiccup and his toothless (dragon Night Fury) are still loitering around exploring the undiscovered regions. The same time his father insists it’s time he takes up the responsibility of chieftain and be what is expected of him. Hiccup is however relentless and doubts his capability.

 How to train your dragons 2 ~ Exclusive review

Hiccup on his exploration finds out a village being destroyed with large icicles and the chieftain claiming their dragons being captured and taken away.

He also discovers that Drago is a dragon master who builds an army of dragons and expands his legion by acquiring more. On reporting this to his father, the chieftain orders immediate shutdown and restricts any dragon or rider to get out of city without his consent. Hiccup who never listens, walks out wanting to be a peacemaker, making his way on his own to Drago.

Little does he know there are consequences, few he might cherish and more he might later regret. The journey takes us on a fun ride which is to be enjoyed in cinemas.

Quirky Quotes

Chieftain: We must protect our own

What you are looking for is not there, maybe it’s in here and you haven’t found it just yet

A man who kills without reason cannot be reasoned with!


 How to train your dragons 2 ~ Exclusive review

The 3D effect gives goosebumps with the dragon ride, they keep us astounding when the two Alphas strike. The hope they keep giving with every hurdle is portrayed well.


All look good, but the plot is thick and serious while humour is what is expected out of an animation movie. And it’s way too melodramatic.

Best rated:  6/ 10
Worst rated: 5.5/10

How to train your dragon ~ Breathing fire in a row