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A new Veerappan from TN is born in Karnataka

Bangalore, June 14 ():Veerappan has a successor known as ‘ Veerappan Version 2.0’ in the form of Saravanan Gounder. In the last one year, Veerappan 2.0 has killed six tuskers and other endangered species for pelt and meat in the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka forests.

And the new Veerappan brigand is spreading his base in the Sathyamangala jungles of Mahadeshwara Hills, bordering Karnataka.

Saravanan comes from Unji Korai village in Tamil Nadu and claims he is the new avatar of Veerappan. Local villagers and forest staffers of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have nicknamed him Veerappan Version 2.0” because his operational style is like that of the late forest brigand who ruled Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Police for more than four decades.

The late Veerappan base was over 6,000 sq km of forests in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala whereas Saravanan’s operational area is only 200 sq kms. He has seven cases against him in Karnataka.

In 2001, Tamil Nadu Police had arrested him and he jumped bail ; since then he has been absconding.

Like Veerappan, he is good at doing disappearing act in the jungles. Saravanan leads a gang of 20, rewards the villagers and instils fear among police informants.

Last month, he attacked Karnataka forest guards at Palar river. Karnataka government has despatched a 20-member STF  to apprehend Saravanan. The rough terrain and government has often proved it difficult to nab poachers in the forests because of the tough terrain. So, officials are now using unconventional methods to trap him.

As Saravanan is married to three women from villages near the forests, the officials are laying a trap to take him in when he visits them. Like Veerappan, he gives villagers money and in turn they are loyal to him. This makes it difficult for cops and forest officials to track his movement.