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TRAI suggestions on Broadcasting and Cable TV Services for Commercial Subscribers”

New Delhi, June 11 (ANI): TRAI has today released a Consultation Paper on “Tariff Issues Related to Broadcasting and Cable TV Services for Commercial Subscribers”, inviting views/comments of the stakeholders.

The matter of Tariff for commercial subscribers has been under judicial scrutiny since 2005, before, both, the Hon’ble Telecom Disputes Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

The Authority meanwhile, based on the interim order of the Supreme Court dated October 19,2006 had issued Tariff Amendment Orders, on November 21, 2006 applicable on commercial subscribers.

These orders too were contested before the judicial forums. In the latest order on April 16 2014, the Supreme Court has directed that for a period of three months, the impugned tariff, which is in force as on today, shall continue. Further, within these 3 months, TRAI shall look into the matter de novo and shall re-determine the tariff after hearing the contentions of all the stakeholders.

Accordingly, after analyzing the issues involved, TRAI has come out with this Consultation Paper (CP). In this CP, key issues for consultation are:

Definitions of the ‘commercial subscriber’, ‘commercial establishment’;

Manners of offering of TV services to the commercial subscribers; and

Various alternatives of tariff for the commercial subscribers. (ANI)