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Pregnancy test for Jharkhand girls bound for Kerala

Ranchi, June 11 (): Jharkhand has become the recruiting hub for agents who deal in human trafficking.

After 100 and odd kids were sent back from Kerala to Jharkhand as they were found without any proper documents, it is now revealed that a leading skill placement agency based in Delhi conducted pregnancy test of teen girls hired for a garment manufacturer based in Kerala.

Two girls have told the Women’s Commission that Don Bosco Tech, a training and placement institute in Delhi recruited them and before going to Kerala they underwent a pregnancy test. The girls said several others underwent the tests in Kerala as there was no facility in Jharkhand. The girls were told that the job was in a company with government share and hence it was compulsory to undergo such a test.

Kerala-based TV channel India Vision claims to have a CD of the statements given to Women’s Commission. Don Bosco Tech has however denied the charge.

Anitha Singh, former member of Jharkhand’s Women’s Commission says that she was forced to quit as she had evidence of girls being used for flesh trade. She alleged that the recruiting agency hired girls for the garment manufacturer and most of them left for Gulf via Kerala. These girls worked in bars serving liquor. She claimed that two of the girls came back to Jharkhand as they were pregnant. With just one month to finish off the investigation, she was told by the chairperson to drop the case.

Jharkhand social welfare minister Annapoorna Devi said that Kerala ministry should conduct High Court monitored probe into the case of kids being taken to orphanages and girls taken to Gulf. She said Jharkhand CM Sooren had asked Kerala CM to conduct an inquiry.

Devi pointed out the High Court itself had commented that the government had mismanaged the case. Though Kerala CM had said it was not human trafficking, Jharkhand CM took the opposite stance. At the next cabinet meeting of Jharkhand ministry, a complete report would be put up, said the minister.