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Modi featured under ‘negative faces’ along with Hitler,Osama,Veerappan

Thrissur, June 11 (): Modi featured with Hitler, LTTE Prabhakaran , Ajmal Kasab , George Bush and Osama bin Laden in a college magazine has invited a case by Kerala police under Sec 153. This section deals with creating communal hatred. The Principal and magazine editor of the Government Polytechnic here have been named in FIR.

The magazine published by the college is styled like a Facebook page. It has personalities like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Che Guevera, Karl Marx (photo bigger than Gandhi) and Kamal Haasan among others in the cover page and inside it has a page called ‘negative faces’. It is here that Modi is featured with some of the world personalities like Hitler, George Bush, sandalwood smuggler Veerappan and LTTE Prabhakaran.

The common link between all those featured cannot be deciphered due to presence of LTTE Prabhakaran. George Bush for his unilateral attack on Iraq , Hitler for Nazism, Osama bin laden and his terror attacks and Veerapan the forest brigand all have a streak of negativeness.

Modi’s involvement in inciting Gujarat riots has been disproved in court and he has been voted to power with a huge majority. Prabhakaran fought for Tamil Eelam and only after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi did India put LTTE in the banned outfits’ list. To many Prabhakran is a war hero who died fighting for rights of Sri Lankan Tamils.

The college is governed by CPM’s student wing SFI. Incidentally SFI has put only Kamal Haasan from the film fraternity in the cover page and does not feature any Malayalam actor. Mammooty, a known left wing activist and chairman of CPM mouthpiece Kairali TV channel has not found favour with the magazine editor.

BJP students wing filed a police complaint. Based on this, the police filed a FIR. SFI says that the magazine was published in February and Modi was not PM by then. Now the police are treating it as showing PM Modi in poor light. BJP has gone to town on this.

Thirissur has seen CPM Lok Sabha candidate win and the district secretary of the party in three places where it suffered unexpected defeat in a report said that BJP surge and Modi wave split the anti-incumbency votes. In Kasaragod too the BJP surge resulted in CPM winning by a slender margin.

A ban or withdrawal of the magazine does not make any sense as it has been in circulation since February. BJP youth wing Yuva Morcha and student wing ABVP have come out with a call to ban the magazine.