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Islamists force 150,000 to flee Mosul

Mosul, June 11 (): A small al-Qa’ida group grabbed control of Mosul, Iraqi city Tuesday. The capturing of the city of two million people by Iraq’s Islamic State and Levant complements the grip of ISIL on important western towns that followed 4 days of fighting that happened in Mosul and other towns and cities in northern Iraq.

Thousands of families are fleeing Mosul. More than 150,000 people have been forced to flee the city.

The Mosul fall deals with a severe blow to the efforts of Baghdad to fight the Sunni revolutionaries who have recaptured momentum and ground in Iraq in the past years and came to Mosul last week. The Syrian border is involved in 3 years of civilian war between rebels and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad looking to overthrow them. The ISIL troops have grabbed control of bands of the territories in the east that are close to Iraqi border.

The ISIL activists from Iraq joined the Syrian battle along with foreign fighters. Jihadi group has been seeking to form an Islamist government by connecting area it controls in the western parts of Iraq and eastern regions of Syria.

Military, security officials and police told that the rebels armed with weapons and grenades had captured all police and the army check posts in and around Mosul.

The local military command of an army colonel said that they had lost Mosul that morning. Police forces and army left their places and the terrorists of ISIL have taken full control. Further, he added it was a total downfall for security forces.

Some army officers said the forces of Iraq were deflated and do not have the stamina to fight of the fighters of ISIL. One officer told the forces could not beat them. They were all well skilled in street fighting but the Iraq forces were not. He said they were like ghosts and they appear to attack and disappear in seconds.