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Amala Paul had no engagement, says father

Kochi, June 11 (): Amala Paul did not have any engagement ceremony in the Church, said her father.

Photos of Amala Paul exchanging ring with director Vijay at a church were flashed across media including .com. The version given out by the couple was that the engagement will be in Christian style at the church here where Amala Paul is a member.

Later, the marriage was scheduled to take place in Hindu style as per her husband’s wishes. The fairytale engagement had angered devout Christians who questioned the church for being supportive of a Christian marrying as per Hindu rituals. The war spilled over to social media and soon threatened to take a communal turn. The church was under fire from within. Finally, it was left to Amala Paul’s father to do the fire-fighting.

Amala Paul’s father Paul Varghese’s letter to Varapuzha church and Ernakulam diocese said that Amala Paul had been going to this church  since childhood. For anything good or bad, Amala Paul prayed in this church. So she wanted to conduct a prayer in the church with her prospective husband, said the father.

At the last-minute, the priest did not turn up and so the church pastor himself conducted the ceremony. The whole thing lasted for ten minutes. The usual practice of asking acceptance of the bride and bridegroom and exchange of rings did not take place, said Amala Paul’s father. He deeply apologized to the church for the wrong interpretation of the event by the media.

Even though the photographs are revealing, the fact is that much before it took place, media had reported that a Christian engagement and a Hindu wedding were  on the cards for Amala Paul and Vijay. No one then clarified about it.

It is obvious that reactions on social media had triggered Amala Paul’s father to come to the rescue of the church. As per law, if a person of Christian origin marries a Hindu, then the former has to convert to the latter’s religion.  Another option is to register under Special Marriage Act without changing religion.