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Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah escapes assassination bid

Kabul, June 9 (): Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah escaped from an assassination bid Friday when two explosions hit his motorcade campaign in the capital city, killing about six people. This attempt is the second such attack aimed at Abdullah during this election season that has witnessed an upsurge in violence as the Taliban are threatening to upset the elections.

Abdullah said in the Friday’s blasts he was uninjured but he lost three campaign associates who were amongst the 6 civilians killed, said interior ministry.

In the statement, the ministry added when Abdullah was leaving the gathering from People’s Islamic Unity Party, their car was smashed by a pavement bomb and damaged. The initial police figures said six were killed at the explosions while 22 others were injured in the attack.

Blood splashed near a vehicle in convoy that was badly burnt, while doctors carried bodies on stretchers. The blast spot was guarded by security officers as ambulances came rushing to the spot and took the injured to the hospital, making way through sandstorm that swept the city.

Kabul police’s criminal investigation branch head, Sayed Gul Agha Hashemi, said the first was suicide car bomb attack on convoy of Abdullah Abdullah. The second one was a mine attack.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack that came in advance to the June 14th second-round presidential poll.

Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah’s competitor in presidential race tweeted, the assassination attempt is the action of the rivals of Afghan to disturb the democratic procedure in the nation and he also condemned the assassination attack on the respected presidential contestant.

Karzai also condemned the assassination attack as it was the act of rivals of Afghanistan, who do not want Afghanistan to have peaceful and free election. Pakistan also has condemned the deadly attack. The Foreign Office said in a statement they were confident that Afghanistan people would defeat whichever attempt directed on them at upsetting their democratic voyage and their search for progress and peace.