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Muthoot gold used for attack on Modi

New Delhi,June 7 (): Modi was the target of SIMI’s bomb blasts at Patna rally and the funds came from the money got from the loot of Muthoot Finance branch in Bhopal, says NIA. Narendra Modi’s rally in Patna had a series of blasts and NIA probing it has found that the money trail leads to robbery in 2010.

NIA last month arrested Black Beauty aka Hyder Ali in connection with the October 27, 2013 blasts and has revealed that Abu Faisal another SIMI operative , who was behind the robbery, had given him Rs 5 lakh.

Faisal had escaped in a jail break from Khandwa prison a few months ago but was caught later. Faisal confessed that he had led the SIMI operatives to loot gold worth Rs 2.5 crore  in August 2011, from the Bhopal office of Muthoot Finance.

One year later, the Madhya Pradesh police had nabbed Faisal and nearly a dozen of them from Jabalpur and Bhopal. Hyder confessed that Faisal and the other SIMI operatives had looted banks and amassed a large sum of money which was deposited with him. The NIA team suspect that Raipur SIMI ideologue Umer, who masterminded the Patna operation, was part of this money collection chain.

Umer was arrested in Chhattisgarh by the police last year. It was Umer who had engaged Hyder to carry out an attack on Modi’s rallies. The group conducted trials at various places where Modi conducted the rallies and finally zeroed in on Patna to carry out the blasts, said officials.

Investigations revealed that Faisal after escaping from Khandwa jail through a SIMI contact met Hyder and asked him to give the money deposited with him. Hyder gave him Rs 2 lakhs. Two weeks later, the Patna blasts took place. Hyder claims that Faisal did not discuss about planting bombs at Modi rally. The team had carried out trials at Kanpur (UP), Akbarpur, Delhi and Patna.

But finding it very difficult to reach the stage in view of Modi’s security, they planted bombs where the crowds stood at the Patna rally and luckily one which was placed barely 100 meters from the dais did not explode, NIA officials said.