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One killed, 3 injured in Seattle Pacific University shooting

Seattle, June 6 (): A single gunman having a knife and shotgun opened fire in an office block at Seattle University on Thursday, fatally killing one person and injuring three others before a daring student subdued the gunman with pepper spray, police said.

Police in Seattle city have applauded the courage of the student. They said the student disabled the gunman at Seattle Pacific University campus as the gunman tried to reload. The student used pepper spray to calm the attacker. The student’s bold action and others involvement to aid the student had prevented more serious outbreak.

The gunman was supposed to have been performing the shooting alone and he was arrested. Reports say he had been carrying a handgun and a shotgun and had opened fire walking in the University foyer. Paul McDonagh, police spokesman of Seattle told at a news conference that this incident at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) might have become much more awful.

Daniel Martin, President of SPU told that all the students, overpowered the killer, had “acted without any regard to their safety”. He said those who were involved in catching the gunman cared for the others.

Hospital officials said that the person who was killed was 20 year old man. He died at Harborview Medical Centre. The other three people injured were taken to hospital immediately. A 20-year-old woman was critically injured and was given a surgical treatment, Susan Gregg, spokeswoman of the hospital said. The other two – a 24-year-old man and a 22-year-old man- are in good condition. One man has got minor injuries in his abdomen, while the other has received a gun shot.

Recently, the US has suffered a series of shootings in many colleges. Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle referred to earlier fatal shootings that happened in the city. He added a widespread gun violence is attacking Seattle often and it is an epidemic that is attacking the whole nation too.

The privately run Christian university, SPU has nearly 4,270 undergraduate and graduate students in a 40-acre campus about 10 minutes from central Seattle.