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Tirupati new IT hub of Andhra Pradesh

Chennai, June 5 (): Tirupati is likely to become the IT hub of Andhra Pradesh as Tada nearby is emerging as the manufacturing hub.

The search for the new capital city for Andhra Pradesh is on. As the search goes on to choose the new capital city after the bifurcation of the State, it seems that Tirupati, the temple town, would become the jewel on the crown of the state. The reason for this is the connectivity to Chennai’s two ports and international airport.

Tirupati has many universities that is bringing out professionals with good excellence but the town has no manufacturing unit that can absorb them. 80 kms from Tirupati, at Tada some 100 odd companies including Cadbury, Pepsi, Isuzu Motors, Kobelco and others have together employed more than 18,000 people. The idea is to make these companies to go for campus recruitment from colleges in Tirupati. This town is equidistant from Chennai and Bangalore and has good power and water supply.

Chandrababu, the man who turned Hyderabad into an IT hub will do the same for Tirupati, say sources. Naidu might fix a place between Guntur and Vijayawada for the capital. As Hyderabad will be a part of Telangana after ten years, Andhra Pradesh will have to develop an IT hub and it would be Tirupati, say sources.

Low Internet and office rent cost will lure more investors, says Tirupati IT Association. 12 crore pilgrims visit the temple town every year. Industry says that the division of Andhra will benefit Tirupati. The revenue from the temple town has not been ploughed back to create facilities to lure investors.

Now, this town’s proximity to Chennai will make Naidu to zero on this area. This in turn will also help the revenue of Chennai’s ports and increase the travel in domestic and international airports. Tirupati is the biggest city in Rayalaseema region and is rated as the fourth fastest growing city in undivided Andhra.