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Kerala Muslim outfits cover up human trafficking

Kochi, June 4 (): Muslim outfits including the IUML are angry with the cops investigating the arrival of children meant for orphanages in Kerala. In a latest the police FIR says that the children meant for Mukkom orphanage in Calicut could be for sale or doing menial work and terms it as  an act of deceit. E T Basheer MP and party secretary of Indian Union Muslim League, second largest ally of UDF government says that the police has fabricated a story despite the children giving a different version.

The railway police found 400 children travelling in a train coming from Patna. The children were detained at Olvakote station ( near Palaghat). Subsequently the case was transferred to local police. The orphanage could produce documents for 100 odd children. Later on the documents for the rest in form of age and domicile certificates were produced. This led to parallel investigations by many agencies apart from the police.

Child rights commission, Human rights commission and State child welfare board have entered the scene. Nazir who represents child rights commission says that the matter comes under its domain and no other agencies can investigate and an investigation by DGP Sreejith is contrary to law. Meanwhile an ex SP has come out with a revelation that he had filed a report on the human trafficking going on in Muslim orphanages. Opposition leader V S Achuthanandan says that the whole episode looks suspicious. His fellow comrade and author ,Kunjuahmed says it is in haste that the police is dubbing this as something to do with terrorism. BJP on its part got Maneka Gandhi to ask the State government to submit a report.

Muslim orphanage got parents coming from Jharkhand to tell that their state does not have good government schools and private ones were costly. Jharkhand child rights commission team has arrived in Kerala to assist the local agencies and if the papers are not in order it would take back the children.

45 children have been taken back. Poverty is the main reason for sending the children to the orphanages run by Muslim organizations in North Kerala. Kerala CM Oomen Chandy and Home minister Ramesh , both from the Congress are adopting a wait and watch attitude. Documents show that these schools get lakhs of rupees as aid from State education and social welfare ministry, both run by Muslim League ministers. Some of these schools have Malayalam teachers to teach the non malayali students. Many of the students from Jharkhand were found possessing Aadhar card got from Kerala.