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Snowden seeks asylum in Brazil

Brazilia, June 3 (): Former intelligence service provider Edward Snowden, currently residing in Russia and sought after by the US authorities, said in an interview that he has applied for asylum in Brazil.

Agence France-Presse cited Snowden as stating in an interview given to Brazilian TV channel Globo that if Brazil gives him asylum, then he would gladly accept the offer and would very much like to live in Brazil. However, the foreign ministry of Brazil has said that it has not yet received any formal asylum appeal from Snowden.

The temporary asylum of Snowden expires in August in Russia. The travel options of Snowden are limited as Washington has cancelled his US passport.

Snowden said that he had asked for asylum in several countries formally, including Brazil. He said in the interview that he is only asking for asylum but would not give out his documents to the country, due to safety reasons and felt that asylum should be offered to him only under humanitarian reasons.

But, he said he had other documents to issue linking to US spying on countries that include Brazil and Britain. The documents unveiled by him last year revealed that the US agencies had been spying on Brazil, post which President Dilma Rousseff cancelled a state visit to Washington.

Snowden had escaped from US after leaking many highly confidential documents and has been residing in Russia as the country had offered him refuge last August. That deal is set to terminate this summer and it has generated guesswork on where the next destination of Snowden would be.

In a long open letter issued by Brazilian press in December, Snowden had praised the government of Brazil for its attitude against spying procedures and had volunteered to aid the nation in its research of NSA spying strategies if he were given asylum.