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Fallout of Gopinath Munde’s death on Maha politics

New Delhi, June 3 (): Gopinath Munde’s death has more or less scuttled the Sena’s ambition to put its leader Uddhav Thackeray as the CM candidate.

Sena’s ties with BJP too would take a hit as Gopinath Munde was the go-between the two parties. BJP had projected in party circles that Gopinath Munde was their CM candidate. Knowing this, Sena in a preemptive move announced Uddhav as CM candidate.

A day before Gopinath Munde’s death, Sena’s mouthpiece took a jibe at him in an editorial. Sena asked if Modi had taken Gopinath Munde for a three-month loan and then return him back to the State. It said that though Modi had envisaged a national role for Gopinath Munde, the incumbent was still after Maharashtra.

State BJP Devendra was also in the running for CM post. His supporters coined the slogan ‘Narendra in Delhi and Devendra in Mumbai’. Gopinath Munde found this slogan catchy. Rudy who is in charge of Maharashtra denied that BJP had zeroed in on anybody for CM post. Gopinath Munde’s job was to talk with Sena on this issue.

Sena claimed the pact was that BJP would look for PM and other posts in Delhi and leave CM post to it. BJP tally is 23 out of 43 seats the alliance won. With Modi at the Centre, BJP would ask for more seats in the assembly poll.

The race for CM post started with MNS announcing Raj Thackeray as CM candidate. BJP had decided to talk tough with Sena and the job was left to Gopinath Munde.

Shiv Sena will find itself in a spot as the death of Gopinath Munde will let lose a sympathy wave in the Marathawada region and among his community. As soon as news of Munde’s accident came in, crowds in the region poured out and held prayers at street corners.

Munde was instrumental in charting the BJP to power in Goa. It is a sheer coincidence that Munde’s mentor and brother-in-law Pramod Mahajan was shot dead on the third day of the month a few years back.