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Pakistani pregnant woman stoned to death in ‘honour killing’

Lahore, May 29 (): A 25-year-old pregnant woman of Pakistan was stoned until she died by many people including her close family members in front of a courthouse on Tuesday in the Lahore as she had disobeyed their wishes and had married the man whom she loved, said police officials.

The Pakistani woman, Farzana Parveen, was pregnant and she was beaten to death by her close family members when she and her husband Mohammad Iqbal were waiting outside the court in Lahore. The couple were surrounded and Farzana was attacked with bricks and batons by a crowd of men in broad daylight in front of a big crowd of the passers-by, Naseem Butt, a police official said.

In the crowd,there were about 20 members of the family members of Farzana including her father, former fiancé and two brothers.

The couple came to the court that day to file a statement before a judge that Farzana Parveen had not been abducted and had wedded by choice, contrary to claims by her father.

Arranged marriages form the common norm with traditional Pakistanis. Every year, hundreds of such women who marry to their choice are murdered in the so-called honour killings that are done by relatives or husbands as a penalty for supposed adultery or other illegal sexual behaviour.

The resident of Faisalabad, Farzana Parveen had wedded Mohammad Iqbal belonging to Jaranwala city few months back against the approval of her family.

Farzana died while Mohammad Iqbal managed to escape. Farzana’s father was arrested by police but her brothers escaped from the place, newspapers reported. When the police were informed they reached the spot and sent Farzana’s body for post-mortem and also had registered a case on complaint of the victim’s husband.

In Pakistan, nearly 900 women were killed by their families members in honour killings, according to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a private organisation.