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Muslim orphanages turn into faith conversion dens?

Kochi, May 29 (): Muslim orphanages in Kerala are becoming dens of conversion of kids to the Islamic faith.

Yet another revelation is that the Muslim orphanages funded by organizations abroad are running short of Kerala origin kids to take up what is termed Islamic studies. The arrest of 400 children in an Ernakulam train coming from Patna has opened a can of worms which the Muslim organizations are now trying to shove it under the carpet.

RPF was tipped that four bogies are cramped with children. The kids were detained at Olvakote station by RPF. Kerala police arrested four men who were in charge of the children since they did not have any proof to show that they were bringing home the kids who were away from the Mukkam Muslim Orphanage Higher Secondary School on a vacation. The children were moved to home.

Now, Mukkam Muslim Orphanage Higher Secondary School has produced certificates for 152 kids to show that they are students. The school does not have anything for others. These were the kids who are termed destitute and were bound to this orphanage to study Islamic studies. The version is that 300 students went to their homes in various states for a holiday. Only 150 returned. 285 are new admissions and have proper certificates including filled up admission forms.

The Mukkam Muslim Orphanage Higher Secondary School has been doing this for ten years and recruitments take place among the poor in Jharkhand. The orphanage says that an elderly man travelling with the kids ran away on seeing the police and turned up at Mukkam Muslim orphanage to hand over the certificates.

An orphanage spokesman said that it was getting difficult to get children from Kerala to study in the orphanage. The fertile recruiting grounds are places like Jharkhand and Bihar. Half of the kids are Hindus. The orphanage was a two-time national award winner during UPA reign.

The state authorities are to send other kids too to orphanage and so the initial charges of kids meant for child labour have all turned out to be imagination of overzealous officers and initiation of Hindu kids to study Islam as conversion had become rumours spread by communal forces.