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X Men Days of future past ~ Exclusive Review

            X Men Days of future past ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai,May 27 (): X Men :Days of Future Past, the action science fiction movie hit screens on May 23rd alongside Kochadaiiyaan.

Though the response has been comparatively minimal, it has not surged down. The roles are reprised by Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen and Jenifer Lawrence and the movie is directed by Bryan Singer.

In near future, the sentinel robots exterminate every single mutant surviving. A few manage to survive with the powers of Kitty who possess the power to warn by projecting a person’s conscience back in time. The surviving X-Men regroup in a monastery in China and come up with a plan to send back Wolverine to 1973 where it all started, the period when sentinels were built after Raven murders Bolivar Trask – the designer of sentinels.

            X Men Days of future past ~ Exclusive Review

It’s is said that one sets the path in the process of deviating from it, the same happens here where Eric and professor X joins hands only to turn their back against each other again. Will mutants and humans hold their hands back again is what forms the rest of the plot?

Quirky Quotes

Do you know Karate?
No, I don’t know karate, I know crazy

Logan: I was sent here for you.
Charles Xavier: Well, tell whoever it was that sent you that I’m… busy.
Logan: Well, that’s gonna be a little tricky. Because the person who sent me, was you.


            X Men Days of future past ~ Exclusive Review

The plot is thick and brings a hope that things are possible, things can be undone along with a cliché. Hugh Jackman as ever is ferocious. Jeniffer Lawren playing Raven is ravishing, Eric and Charles team up in future, but in future past they lock horns again.


The plot thickens and gets tangled as the older Professor and Magneto unite while they were against each other in the future past. Ironically, they both stand for the same reason- the future of mutants, only their paths differ.

Worst Rated: 5/ 10
Best Rated   : 5.5/ 10

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