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Tamil Nadu cop and judges unite a couple

Chennai, May 27 (): Tamil Nadu has shown the way on uniting a couple and saved two families from separation. It took two judges and a woman police officer in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. The judges and police inspector, known for their compassion towards the society saved these two families and the young couple from separation.

The court premises of Villupuram turned into venue for the marriage, which was solemnized by judges and the police officer. The verdict of a case of harassment turned out to be celebration for the local people. Tamil Nadu sets an example to North Indian villages, which takes pride in honour killings and excommunications.

Sakthivel in his twenties, an unemployed youth of Kallakuruichi village now upgraded to municipality with 27% SC&ST population, was in love with Kalaiselvi, a poor girl belonging to the same locality. As Sakthivel’s family was rich, his parents did not approve marriage with Kalaiselvi. The young lovers eloped and conducted a marriage in a temple in the adjoining city and left for a honeymoon trip.

On return, Sakthivel’s parents refused to accept Kalaiselvi and told the son to get rid of the girl if he wants to stay with them. The boy who was not earning was dependent on his parents for his day to day needs had no other option but to send Kalaiselvi back to her home.

A dejected Kalaiselvi who went back to her house got a cold reception from her parents. With Sakthivel refusing to pick up her calls, she took poison and was admitted to a hospital. Here Tamil Nadu police Inspector Maheswari of the All Women Police Station entered, she being assigned the case. She made Kalaiselvi to file a complaint for dowry harassment and abetting suicide against her husband and family.

Kalaiselvi was saved by the doctors. With the Tamil Nadu AWP station filing a FIR against Sakthivel and his parents, the case came up before Tamil Nadu Principal District Judge R Krishnamoorthy. A bail application was moved by Sakthivel and his parents , Judge told them they may find it difficult to get bail.

The boy’s parents understood the seriousness of the situation and that they would have to go to jail. To avoid jail they agreed to accept Kalaiselvi on one condition. She should bring a gold ring of one sovereign and utensils.

CJM Vetriselvi pitched in and with police inspector came up with the money for this. The family took her back and now once in three months the two families have to report to the court. For Tamil Nadu Inspector Maheswari and two district judges, it was a different experience.